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Building Stripe Apps for Stripe App Marketplace

This Dot Labs has developed a framework for creating Stripe Apps for Stripe App Marketplace, which makes the development for businesses cost effective and easy.

Let us help you bring your app experience and data integration into the Stripe Dashboard today.

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Working With Us

Here is what our typical process for building Stripe Apps looks like:

Requirements gathering

During this process, we work with stakeholders to get high level requirements and determine main use cases of the application along with user goals.

Co-design sessions

These are collaborative sessions with stakeholders to build out user flows and flesh out the experience you want to create within the Stripe Dashboard.

Formal design and interactive prototypes

We create formal designs which include interactive prototypes using the high-level requirements and co-design sessions as inputs.

The interactive prototype is used to solicit feedback early in the process.

User testing

We perform user testing to understand and effectiveness of the app's UI and UX design. This testing will be used to further improve the app, revise use cases, or document items to consider for later releases.

Development phase

Development begins, and our team builds the app from start to finish. We can either handle all development in-house, or work with your development team side by side.

We provide weekly demos to share progress and communicate regularly through mediums such as Slack, Teams, and email.

App Handoff

Once the app is ready to launch, we begin the handoff phase, in which we transfer the source code repositories. We will containerize any backend components so they are easy to handoff and host.

Stripe App Marketplace launch

We will assist you in creating copy, gathering screenshots, and other materials necessary for publishing to the Stripe App Marketplace to ensure a smooth approval process and launch.


Our clients are building for the future. Explore This Dot Labs' portfolio, and see how we have helped them achieve their diverse technical goals.


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