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JavaScript experts for hire through consulting and training. We provide mentorship and open source support contracts with core maintainers of open source libraries.

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We provide architectural guidance, staff augmentation, Subject Matter Experts on demand, temporary CTOs, one-on-one pairing, mentorship, and open source strategy support.

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Monthly Mentoring: Women in Tech - April

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JS meetups

This Dot invites top-level experts to discuss approaches, tools, services, processes, trends, and so many other edges topics.

Modern Web

Come hang with us in person! Informative tech talks from world class speakers hosted monthly.

Community events in the Silicon Valley, CA and Raleigh, NC.

Contributor Days

Day long events to foster and grow open source communities. Learn how you can contribute to your favorite framework.

Previous Events

This.JavaScript - State of WebAssembly

Mar 29, 2018

RxJS Contributor Days 2017

Feb 3, 2017

Rx Workshop

Mar 10, 2018

Modern Web Events

Apr 25, 2018
This Dot Labs

This Dot Labs

Whether your company is revolutionizing your industry or modernizing your technology, you don't have to trade technical excellence for confidence. We give you both.

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