Our Services

What We Do

World class web developers, leveraging the power of modern technology to build your business.


Our developers are active contributors to open source frameworks used to build web applications. Everything we learn from making these tools, we bring to your projects. We can show you how to make the most of web frameworks, build your solutions faster, and improve the quality of your products.

Staff Augmentation

Our expert team leads and developers are available for hire! Whether you're in need of a major application upgrade, complex migrations, or mission critical projects, we are here to help.


Take advantage of our numerous remote workshops, podcasts, and written media to gain practical skills, and engage in valuable discussions about the culture and community surrounding the tech world. We will also deliver trainings, tailored for exactly what your team needs, onsite or remotely.

Pairing As a Service

Are you an individual or small team, looking for the support of an accomplished senior developer?

Our mentorship service offers practical, weekly guidance, code reviews, advice on best practices, and more, when you need it most.

Open Source Contracts

Leverage the power of open source technologies for your team.

Develop strategies to utilize open source more responsibily and effectively, tailor open source technologies to meet your team's specific needs, develop digital assets that may be used by millions of developers, or incorporate a new open source technology into your technical stack with help from the experts.

Creative Brand Solutions

Leverage our prominent developer advocates to create strategies for relevant market exposure. Let us help you learn and implement industry specific marketing solutions to position your product or brand in the spaces where it needs to be.


Are you an aspiring web developer, looking to bridge the gap between bootcamp, college, or considerable self-education, and your first junior level position?

Take advantage of This Dot’s Apprenticeship Program, which pairs new developers with seniors, who provide support as you work on projects for our clients.