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HD Video Library

Tools and Delivery for HD Video Library Management / Distribution

The Challenge

Manage a high definition video library, and its associated assets, while delivering the high definition content contained in it to a global on-demand network across 25 platforms on desktop, mobile, set top boxes, and IPTV.

Services Provided

This Dot Labs provided all the necessary services to ship the end product. This included design, software engineering, and infrastructure deployment of all applications for frontend, backend, and processing queues.

Specific Performance

A set of web applications was ported from internal ops and on-premise hardware, then redesigned, and implemented for Amazon Web Services. These included an internal API for remote offices to process raw media assets, and projects through the closest AWS region that propagated information to other regions.

A set of processing applications were designed and implemented to handle video transcoding. Because content may need to be processed to meet certain targets within target regions, auto scaling groups were implemented, allowing for fast scaling of farm nodes within the content deployment region.

Route 53, in conjunction with elastic load balancers, allowed for better failover support when regions became unavailable. This greatly increased not only the availability of the external client API that was being consumed by the client set top box (STB), and mobile applications, but also increased the statistical reporting data that had previously been unable to handle scale.

Due to the scaled nature of new operations, operations costs decreased while response time across both the internal API, and the external API, for content delivery, decreased by 83%.

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