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This Dot Labs Acquires Stickman Ventures

MARCH 23, 2020 - MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Today, leading web development firm This Dot Labs, announced that it has completed its acquisition of Stickman Ventures, a custom software development and technology firm based in Oakdale, CA.

With this acquisition, This Dot’s software development team will be joined by Stickman Ventures CEO, Justin Ribeiro, MBA, a Google Development Expert with two decades of professional software development experience and the rest of the Stickman development team.

“Tracy [This Dot Labs CEO] and I have been working together for years, and the acquisition was a natural fit. The team is excited to join the This Dot team and we are ready to grow together.” says Ribeiro.

The acquisition further enhances the expertise on the This Dot Labs team in web platform engineering, web performance, web components, python, dot net, and other technologies.

“I am so excited to make the long term partnership Stickman and This Dot more official. We’ve worked with the Stickman team for years, and it will be great to join forces and continue to provide enterprises with the combined expertise of both teams.” says Tracy Lee, CEO of This Dot Labs.

Enterprises looking to optimize web performance with modern web technologies as part of their digital transformation efforts can hire the newly expanded This Dot team by emailing

About This Dot Labs

Founded in 2016, This Dot Labs is a modern web consultancy focused on helping companies realize their digital transformation efforts. For expert architectural guidance, training, or consulting in React, Angular, Vue, Web Components, GraphQL, Node, Bazel, or Polymer, contact us today at

Press Contact:

Tracy Lee CEO, This Dot Labs 408-506-9660

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