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State of Headless CMS Wrap-up

This article was written over 18 months ago and may contain information that is out of date. Some content may be relevant but please refer to the relevant official documentation or available resources for the latest information.

We recently hosted State of Headless CMS where we were joined by some very talented people to talk about a growing ecosystem. There are a lot of problems that a headless CMS can solve when it comes to indie development, and even small restaurants and shops.

Before we dive into the key points of the event, I'll give you a brief introduction to the hosts and panelists.



  • Kapehe - Senior DevRel, - @kapehe_ok

  • Daniel Madalitso Phiri - DevRel, Strapi - @malgamves

  • Samuel Snopko - Head of Developer Relations, Storyblok - @samuelsnopko

  • Stefan Judis - Dev Rel, Contentful - @stefanjudis

  • Arisa Fukuzaki - Dev Rel Engineer, Storyblok - @arisa_dev

There were a lot of great discussions during this event which is why I want to suggest that you head on over and watch The State of Headless CMS on Youtube to hear all of the great discussions.

Who is a headless CMS for?

Headless CMSs give developers the ability to use a CMS without being restricted to using the CMS platform itself. It's like using Wordpress, without having to actually use Wordpress itself. This enables developers to build more customized solutions for their clients.

Some questions to ponder

  • What are some Headless CMS technologies that you're excited about?
  • How do we help the little shop manage their content?
  • What problems does Headless CMS solve for you?

We want to give a huge shout out to our hosts and panelists for participating in the State of Headless CMS event.

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