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Introducing Vue and Angular Versions of + New Landing Page

Our team created to help developers feel less overwhelmed when researching technical resources. We appreciate how important it can be to have a starting point when it comes to learning a new technology, or keeping up to date with the latest developments in the OSS community surrounding a stack. Previously, we started with just React, but our solution is deliberately extensible, and designed to be themed and filled in with different content for different frameworks.

That's why we are happy to announce our new Vue and Angular versions for, a series of websites dedicated to cataloging resources to learn and develop in a given frontend framework. Our newest versions have the same features as the React version, which allows developers to search, compare, and discover libraries and resources!

By adding tags and filters with a number of different attributes to all resources, and also making all the titles and descriptions searchable, we make the task of finding what you are looking for way easier.


And who knows? Maybe in that search for finding out which library is the best for your needs, you ended up encountering one which you have never heard about before. Or perhaps you are just not sure which one to choose because all the options are solid. Well, we got you! With, you can compare libraries to look at metrics like the number of downloads, test coverage, and Github stars so you can get an idea of how popular and well-supported it is. To help you in these decisions, we've made it so you can take any set of libraries, and arrange them into a sortable table with a number of useful statistics sourced from npms.


🔗Our New Landing Page

Since our plan is not to stop here, but to keep updating and making the site much bigger with more resources, frameworks and more, we decided that it was time to launch our landing page! This is where you can easily access the framework you are most interested in. Take a look at it!

🔗Help Build and Curate the Content!

We are just getting started, and we know there's still a lot of content to add and cover! is hosted and maintained by This Dot Labs, but is a fully open-source project. No single person can keep up with how the frontend framework ecosystem constantly evolves and changes, but we might just stand a chance if we work together. is made for the community, and we hope community members will be inspired to enrich it. Do you have a favorite book that you think others should know about? Do you know about a cool feature that we could add? Did you encounter a bug? Then go look at our contribution guidelines and contribute to today!

This Dot Media is focused on creating an inclusive and educational web for all. We keep you up to date with advancements in the modern web through events, podcasts, and free content. To learn, visit

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