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State of React - What's new in the React ecosystem?

We recently wrapped up our highly anticipated State of React which featured a group of powerhouse developers.

If you were unable to make it, don't worry, we have you covered! In this article, I'm going to share with you some of the key takeaways from the event. If you want to watch the event to be up to date on everything that happened, check out State of React on Youtube!

Before we get into the highlights, let me introduce our host and panelists.


Our host for State of React was our very own Dustin Goodman! You can find him on Twitter as @dustinsgoodman!


Joining Dustin was:

👉 Aakansha Doshi - Excalidraw, ex HackerRank - @aakansha1216 - React 18 Working Group Member

👉 Shaundai Person - Senior Software Engineer @ Netflix - @shaundai - React 18 Working Group Member

👉 Tanner Linsley - VP of UI/UX @ - @tannerlinsley - ReactQuery & React 18 Working Group Member

👉 Dominik Dorfmeister - @TkDodo - react-query maintainer

👉 Mark Erikson - Software Engineer @ Northrop Grumman - @acemarke - Redux maintainer

👉 Ian Sutherland - Maintainer of Create React App - Node.js collaborator - Principle Software Engineer @ Neo Financial - @iansu

👉 Delba de Oliveira - Developer Advocate @ Next.js & Vercel - @delba_oliveira

Key Takeaways
  • React Query will work without an internet connection in v4
  • Tracked Queries will be turned on by default in v4
    • Look for React Query v4 some time next year!
  • React Location makes storing state in the URL incredibly easy
  • Create React App has JUST released v5.0 with tailwindcss out of the box
  • Nextjs compiler support for react 18
  • Redux toolkit
    • SSR Support
    • RTK Query mutation status values can be shared across components via 'fixedCacheKey'
    • createSlice now lazy-creates reducers
  • React-Redux v8
    • typescript conversion and removed legacy options
    • API cleanup
    • React-Redux v8 is still in beta
  • RxJS
    • Huge bundle size changes with #rxjs v7. It's almost half the size of v6
    • Better typings
    • Multicast simplified
    • Cleaner way to create connectables
    • Improved retry ergonomics
    • Is now at over 30m downloads a week!

Keep an eye out for some amaing events coming early in the new year! You can follow us on Twitter at @ThisDotMedia for future updates!