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GraphQL Contributor Days -- November 1st, 2019

GraphQL Contributor Days is back and in-person! We’re excited to host a special GraphQL Contributor Days after GraphQL Summit on November 1st, 2019 from 10am - 3pm PST in San Francisco, CA.

In partnership with Hasura, this event welcomes any and all interested in GraphQL to join the conversation!

The purpose of the event is for the GraphQL community to come together and discuss some key topics in the GraphQL ecosystem, and facilitate cross collaboration within the community.

Our featured guests are: Tracy Lee - Founder, This Dot & RxJS Core Team Rajoshi Ghosh - Co-Founder, Hasura Tanmai Gopal - Founder, Hasura Ivan Goncharov - GraphQL consultant, Dan Schafer - Software Engineer, Facebook Sasha Solomon - Sr. Software Engineer, Twitter Eve Porcello - Co-Owner, Moon Highway Alex Banks - Instructor, Moon Highway Tim Griesser - Senior Software Engineer, Cypress Shruti Kapoor - Software Engineer, Paypal Jim Gust - Sr. Technical Product Manager, Expedia Dan Boerner - Distinguished Program Manager, Expedia Group Patrick Arminio - Senior Software Engineer, Verve Zhifan Li - Senior Software Engineer, Intuit Christian Nwamba - Senior Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft

Pictures of guests

& more to be announced!

If you’re interested in attending, sign up for an invitation here.

Have a topic you’d like us to talk about? Leave us a comment below, and let us know!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for updates on all the action @ThisDotMedia!

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