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ChatGPT can't solve these problems! with Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner talks neural networks, covering fundamental concepts, historical development, and practical applications. It’s important to understand the difference between artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and the role of neural networks in solving intricate problems with vast datasets.

This conversation centers around the intricacies of training neural networks, particularly as they become more complex with multiple layers. Chris and Rob touch on the fascinating yet daunting nature of neural networks, discussing their ability to learn beyond human comprehension.

Turning to the practical side of using neural networks, Chris shares the existence of libraries that exist to simplify the process of building a network, enabling users to input data, specify parameters, and entrust the system with the training.

Both caution about the biases inherent in the data and the responsibility associated with working on machine learning models. They address challenges related to ethics, highlighting the difficulties in identifying biases and emphasizing the delicate balance between excitement and caution in the evolving field of machine learning.

Listen to the podcast here: