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AI (Probably) Won’t Ruin Your Engineering Career with Ben Lesh, Adam Rackis, & Tracy Lee

In this episode of the Modern Web Podcast, hosts Tracy Lee, Ben Lesh, and Adam Rackis kick things off by discussing the progress of observables landing in the browser and the potential impact it could have on the use of RXJS. As developers, we're always on the lookout for new tools and technologies that can make our lives easier, and observables in the browser certainly have the potential to do just that.

They talk about whether or not you should listen to your “customers” or have a strong vision that you want to push forward, like Ryan Carniato and his approach with Solid and Signals.

The three also talk about AI tools, such as GPT and Co-Pilot, and how they are shaping the future of coding and ideation.

Finally, Ben, Adam, and Tracy briefly touch on the potential impact of automation on job roles and the outsourcing of tech jobs. While automation can streamline certain tasks, it's important to remember that human creativity and problem-solving skills are irreplaceable.

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