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3 VueJS Component Libraries Perfect for Beginners

3 VueJS Component Libraries Perfect for Beginners

For developers checking out VueJS for the first time, the initial steps are overwhelming, particularly when setting up projects from square one. But don’t worry! The VueJS ecosystem offers a plethora of remarkable component libraries, easing this early obstacle. These three libraries are pre-built toolkits, providing beginners with the means to kickstart their VueJS projects effortlessly. Let’s take a look!


Quasar is among the most popular open-source component libraries for Vue.js, offering a comprehensive set of ready-to-use UI components and tools for building responsive web applications and websites. Designed with performance, flexibility, and ease of use in mind, Quasar provides developers with a wide range of customizable components, such as buttons, forms, dialogs, and layouts, along with built-in support for themes, internationalization, and accessibility. With its extensive documentation, active community support, and seamless integration with Vue CLI and Vuex, Quasar empowers developers to rapidly prototype and develop high-quality Vue.js applications for various platforms, including desktop, mobile, and PWA (Progressive Web Apps).


PrimeVue is a popular Vue.js component library offering a wide range of customizable UI components designed for modern web applications. Developed by PrimeTek, it follows Material Design guidelines, ensuring responsiveness and accessibility across devices. With features like theming, internationalization, and advanced functionalities such as lazy loading and drag-and-drop, PrimeVue provides developers with the tools to create elegant and high-performing Vue.js applications efficiently. Supported by clear documentation, demos, and an active community, PrimeVue is an excellent choice for developers seeking to streamline their development process and deliver polished user experiences.


Vuetify is a powerful Vue.js component library that empowers developers to create elegant and responsive user interfaces with ease. Built according to Google's Material Design guidelines, Vuetify offers a vast collection of customizable UI components, ranging from buttons and cards to navigation bars and data tables. Its comprehensive set of features includes themes, typography, layout grids, and advanced components like dialogues and sliders, enabling developers to quickly build modern web applications that look and feel polished. With extensive documentation, active community support, and ongoing development, Vuetify remains a top choice for Vue.js developers seeking to streamline their workflow and deliver visually stunning user experiences.

For newcomers venturing into Vue.js, the initial setup might seem daunting. Thankfully, Vue.js offers a variety of component libraries to simplify this process. Quasar, PrimeVue, and Vuetify are standout options, each providing pre-built tools to kickstart projects smoothly. Whether you prefer Quasar's extensive UI components, PrimeVue's Material Design-inspired features, or Vuetify's responsive interfaces, these libraries cater to diverse preferences and project requirements. With their clear documentation and active communities, these libraries empower developers to start Vue.js projects confidently and efficiently, enabling Vue developers to create polished user experiences.