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10 Under 10K: Celebrating Devs on Twitter

At This Dot Labs, we are passionate about helping to transform the tech industry to be more hospitable and accepting of everyone! Just recently, we launched an Online Women In Tech Mentorship Meetup to provide a safe space for women and non-binary people to talk tech, kicked off our Opensource for All Initiative for underrepresented developers in partnership with Stackblitz, and have continued to support historically underserved coders through our collection of free educational resources, including our new enterprise-level development video tutorials!

But every once in a while, we also want to give direct shout outs to underrepresented developers doing fabulous work outside of This Dot, so we put together this list of “10 Under 10K”. Ten awesome techies with fewer than 10K Twitter followers, who are advancing modern technologies, and promoting a positive community online and in their communities. We see you, and we would love for more people to see you as well!

Make sure to visit all of these tech enthusiasts’ pages, and see what they’re up to! And don’t forget to follow as well!

Kim Maida


Kim Maida is the Head of DevRel & Community at Gatsby. In addition to her work there, she is also a GDE, Auth0 Ambassador, the founder of the Angular Ann Arbor Meetup and recently received a Microsoft MVP Award! Congrats, Kim!



Pixi is a software engineering student at Flatiron. While they are currently working to make a career shift into web development, they already founded and organize a New Jersey based Meetup Group called Code Cafe NJ! You can also watch Pixi stream live coding sessions on their Twitch account!

Carmen Electron


Carmen is Oklahoma City, OK-based tech expert, author, and community organizer. She is a co-organizer for SheCodesOKC, an author, who has published a book on service workers, and a developer-activist, who built MargieMap, which illustrates the relationship between income and library access in the United States.

Anna Radulovski


Anna is a speaker and community organizer based in Luxembourg. She is a prolific entrepreneur, having founded Coding Girls, and serving as the CEO of Women Tech Network and as regional director at Founder Institute.

Anjana Vakil


Anjana is San Francisco-based web developer who just recently celebrated her first day as a Developer/Advocate at Observable! She is extremely passionate about democratized education, and also contributes her time to the community as a Mozilla TechSpeaker!

Marion Schleifer


Marion is a Zurich-based Developer Experience Engineer for Hasura. Not only is she an active speaker- having delivered 31 talks in 2019 alone- she is also an amazing community organizer who acts as a Lead for WTM Switzerland and Ruby Monstas Zurich, two organizations dedicated to fostering a more inclusive development community.

Lucy Suddenly


Lucy is a Site Reliability Engineer at Outreach, who has a passion for finding the right solutions to important challenges. She has created a number of fabulous passion projects geared toward serving the trans community, including a crowdfunding web app for struggling trans women, and a web app for trans people to share and rate work experiences.

Amal Hussein


Amal is an Engineering Manager at npm, who shares her passion for web development through her work as a co-host on the Web Platform Podcast. She is also an organizer for GDG Cambridge, and spoke on an episode of the Modern Web Podcast not too long ago!

Michelle Garrett


Michelle is a London-based Software Engineer at Condé Nast, and a GraphQL enthusiast. She is an organizer for Node Girls, which provides free JavaScript and Node.JS workshops for women and non-binary people, and is an active speaker, having just wrapped up a talk earlier this month at QCon London.

Sherry List


Sherry is an Azure Developer Technical Lead for Microsoft, and a Women Techmakers Lead as well. Despite this, she is also a prolific conference organizer, dedicating her time to ngCopenhagen, wtm-cph, ngVikings Conf, and ngSpain!

Thank you for checking out this list! If you have any ideas for future spotlights, please let us know by DMing @ThisDotMedia!

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