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Transitioning From Engineer to Manager with Emma Bostian, Engineering Manager at Spotify

Tracy Lee interviews Emma Bostian, an engineering manager at Spotify, about her transition from being an engineer to a manager. Emma discusses the challenges she faced in her new role and how managers can provide autonomy and support to those transitioning.

One of the key challenges Emma highlights is measuring productivity as a manager. Emma also encourages managers to seek help when needed and emphasizes the importance of collaboration and continuous learning in this role.

Time management is another aspect Emma shares strategies on that she has tried, such as batching meetings and saying no to some, to create larger blocks of focus time. Emma also emphasizes the importance of understanding individual motivations and assessing the skills and interests of team members to match them with projects that align with their goals.

Emma also discusses the reasons why some people transition back to being individual contributors from engineering management. She mentions that some individuals miss coding or have different expectations from the role.

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