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State of Brave by Brendan Eich

The web is seen as a major asset in today’s tech world but also comes with a few problems Brave is trying to solve.

The current web can be expensive, slow, invasive, insecure, and complex. Tracking methods and ad-blocking in browsers such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge end up costing users a significant amount in data and load times. The Brave Browser was created to offer a fast and secure browsing experience. Brave’s mission is to eliminate browser features that cost the user in time and security. By obstructing data consumption of ad-tech, Brave has decreased load times by 3–7 times on both Android and iOS. This difference in load time makes for a very appealing platform, but the features don’t stop there:

#Security By preventing pop-up ads and tracking on sites, Brave increases security around the user. When using Brave, common security risks like domain sharks and malware planted in pop-ups are eliminated from the user experience.

#Privacy Brave puts a shield around the user to keep data safe on their device by limiting the access of middle men advertising mechanisms to user information.

#Easy to use

Unlike other browsers that require additional plugins and configurations that may not work well with one another, Brave includes everything you need into one box and conducts regular testing. This results in being able to engineer around common issues that many ad-blocking plugins run into.

#More than fixing browsing Brave has private tabs, anti-fingerprinting, and the best security. It has a built in micropayment system, composed of a simple UI that is completely automatic by default. The system allows for automated payments made to the users’ top sites as well as enabling them to use patronage system. This allows users to compensate their top sites for the cost of security and privacy afforded to them through Brave.

Brave also provides a blockchain-based digital advertising platform. Currently, advertising stakeholders aren’t doing too well. They have an ecosystem that is complex and have has issues such as measurement error, measurement fraud, innocent errors, and more. Brave offers a more efficient platform which helps to combat these problems.

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Using BAT — Basic Attention Token, Brave looks at helping the user, publisher, and advertiser, in dealing with revenue fraud and improve their services.

To learn more about the way that Brave is changing the way browsing works, check out their site at or follow Brendan Eich on Twitter @BrendanEich.

By Necoline Hubner & Trinh Kien

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