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State of Angular Ecosystem | December 2021

This is a recap from the event State of Angular Ecosystem, you can see the full watch on State of Angular Ecosystem | Dic 2021.

This event was hosted by Rob Ocel, Software Architect and Engineering Lead at This Dot.

What's is new on the Angular Ecosystem? What should be expect on the upcoming releases? How Angular ecosystem looks like in the future?

Also, we had this amazing panel:

RxJS updates (Ben Lesh)

Weeks ago was introduced RxJS 7.4, the latest version from the RxJS team, which has many features, but first of all, the bundle size compared between RxJS 6 vs RxJS 7 (if you include everything RxJS exports, included new features!) was cut by almost the half, so if you are thinking to switch between those versions, you should go ahead.


Now, v7 has tons of typings fixes/updates, but now requires TypeScript 4.2+.

Most of the new features included in the new version are:

  • Top-level exports
  • Multi-cast simplified
  • Improved retry ergonomics
  • Animation Frames
  • New tap features
  • AsyncIterable support

That's was most of the most importants features delivered on RxJS 7.4, but there is more such as:

  • Ajax/fetch improvements
  • Supporting for aborting promises & more...

Regarding in how many downloads has RxJS, the downloads has increased consideraly since RxJS 6 in 2018. Now we can 30M downloads a week, back then in 2018 they have only 10M per week.


Stackblitz (Mark Whitfeld)

Now Stackbliz has support for Angular v13, this was thanks to the upgrade of Stackblitz v2, which runs over web-containers.

This new upgrade to Stackblitz v2, avoid to have custom-code depending on which framework you are running, making Stackblitz more agnostic from the framework (Angular, React, Vue) you are using. In fact, there is no custom-code to support any of the most used frameworks.

NGXS (Mark Whitfeld)

Now NGXS has support for Angular v13, with this mayor release there are up-to-date with the latest version of Angular. They are working on deliver another big features too.

Angular Core (Minko Gechev, Jessica Janiuk)


Ivy now its the default engine to run compilation in Angular, which lead us a huge increase of performance vs versions who runs other engines to compile Angular.


With the implementation of Ivy as default, we can see a:

  • 90% reduction of computational resources.
  • -50 mins faster build for the biggest app in Google.
  • Improved debuggability and profiling.
  • More effective relation between Github issues vs Fixes, thanks to a huge effort from the Team.
  • New system for RFC process.

What's new in Angular v13?

With the recent release of Angular v13 some new features are delivered, which include:

  • Removal of IE11 support (no more polyfills file, yaaaay)
  • Modern angular package format.
    • Partially compiled Angular
    • Removed UMD bundles
    • ES2020 output
  • Adobe font inlining
  • Webpack 5 cache
  • Dinamic validator control
  • Better a11y

What are we building next?

Some of the upcoming improvements are:

  • Extended analysis
  • Simplified factory API
  • Advanced guides
  • MDC Web

Standalone components

Maybe some of the biggest updates which are upcoming on the next versions of Angular are Standalone components, who will run without adding to any module. This Standalone component will be bootstrapped directly into the Angular module, and the bundle will be reduced significantly.

NgRx (Brandon Roberts)

The most recent version of NgRx added some new features as:

  • Angular v13 support
  • RxJS 7 support
  • Ivy compiled libraries support
  • Feature creators
  • Improved selectors
  • Contributors page

Nx (Brandon Roberts)

The recent release of Nx, which is v13.2, also now include Angular v13 support. Also NgRx v13, and NestJS 8 support was included in the most recen version. Now, there is a RxJS 7 upgrade option for Nx.

AngularFire (James Daniels)

The official library from Firebase to Angular also release some of the next features:

  • Firebase v9 support, entirely tree-shakable support, RxJS 7 & Angular v13 support.
  • Firebase v8 compatibility.
  • Internally uses AngularFire, increased agility and less duplication.
  • Partial compilation, Ivy support.
  • Powerful new schematics

In the upcoming releases for AngularFire, the team is working to improve the next items:

  • Documentation drive
  • ng deploy capabilities
  • More schematics on the way...
  • Better bundling/rehydration
  • Prebuilt UI components


Angular v13 bring to us so many new features, therefore the Ecosystem of Angular is updating to support this new release.

Some of the most libraries used with Angular are pushing forward and taking the framework from Google to the next level.

Also the Angular team, is listening to the community and making the upcoming releases more beginner-friendly such as `Standalone components. As Angular dev, we celebrate the removal of IE11 support without that, we can take advantages of most CSS features who are not supported in that browser.