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Giving Thanks for Diversity in Tech: Marcy Sutton

Giving Thanks for Diversity in Tech - 15 Part Series


Marcy Sutton is a Washington State based web professional, currently serving as the Head of Learning at Gatsby.

She is an O'Reilly Web Platform Award recipient who is passionate about web accessibility, having spoke this year at A11yTO, Smashing Conf NYC, Gatsby Days London, An Event Apart Chicago, and Clarity Conf. But her advocacy is not limited to just speaking- she is also heavily involved with A11ySea (Seattle Area Accessibility & Inclusive Design).

For Marcy, inclusion does not only motivate her web accessibility focus, but also her interest in supporting other women in tech. She is an organizer with NW Tech women, and is a former chapter leader with Girl Develop, where she learned a lot about prioritizing the most vulnerable, and building organizations that support more than the status quo of white women.

When asked about what inclusion means to her, she shared that, “Inclusion means creating spaces where everyone feels welcomed: this means taking feedback on ways to improve, and anticipating diverse needs to help everyone have a good experience at work and events.”

When Marcy isn’t working on one of the world’s leading web building technologies, or traveling the world speaking about web accessibility, among other topics, she loves snowboarding, riding her bicycle, and camping in the mountains in her “beefy” off-road van!

Having spent much of her free time speaking over the past 6 years, Marcy is taking a break for the time being. She urges anyone who would like to hear her speak to check out her Frontend Masters accessibility course, which is approved for continuing education credit for IAAP accessibility accreditation!

Would you like to keep up with Marcy in the coming year? You can do so by checking out her Twitter @marcysutton!

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