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Giving Thanks for Diversity in Tech: Donna Malayeri

Giving Thanks for Diversity in Tech - 15 Part Series

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Donna Malayeri is a Seattle based Product Manager for Google Cloud Run, working, primarily with Serverless technologies.

An active speaker, Donna recently delivered a talk at SeverlessConf in New York, and just returned home from Cloud Next London, where she spoke about Google Cloud Run for Anthos.

Passionate about Diversity and Inclusion, Donna supports Google’s hiring process as a “champion caller”, who happily speaks to applicants that request to talk with a woman working at the company. She shares her employer’s belief that, “diversity is about what's in the mix. Inclusion is making the mix work well together,” adding that, “To make tech more inclusive, we need to first recognize the biases we all have. We don't need to be ashamed for having biases, it's a natural part of being human. What is a problem is when we treat others differently because of these biases.”

When asked what advice she would give to women interested in entering the tech field, Donna said, “When starting out, don't get hung up on stories that focus on the challenges that women face in tech… We have a long way to go, but there are many beautiful communities in tech that are very inclusive and welcoming.”

When Donna is not at work, or on the road speaking, you might find her working on a beadweaving project, or performing at (in her words!) “amateur” improv theaters!

If you would like to keep up with Donna in the coming year, you can follow her on Twitter, @lindydonna.

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Faiza Yousuf is a multifaceted open source technologist. She wears many hats, serving as the CTO of a stealth-mode startup, working as a product consultant, and running WomenInTechPK, a 6000+ member community for women in Pakistan. In addition to these roles, Faiza also runs a Coding Bootcamp in Karachi, PK with her partner Shamim Rajani, which has taught over 700 girls how to code, and have placed many of them in paid internships and jobs! Despite already organizing her own massive tech community, Faiza is also the Pakistani chapter leader of CryptoChicks, through which she has hosted numerous hackathons. Faiza also regularly speaks at engagements both locally and internationally, having most recently delivered talks on Empathy in Business, and served on panels discussing the challenges that women face in the workplace. “My team and I have been working tirelessly to create a better tech ecosystem locally and so far we have seen that the first step is to make people aware of their biases and to learn to distinctly see stereotypes and not let them cloud their judgement. Understanding our biases is the first step towards learning to value and appreciate all people.” When asked about her perspective on inclusion in the tech industry, Faiza added that, “The next step is to have more role models for women, for people of color, for differently-abled people, for people from underprivileged or disadvantaged backgrounds.” Even with her busy schedule, Faiza is an avid reader, and commits herself to reading one book every week! She encourages people, who would like to attend one of her local conferences, or international talks, to keep an eye on her Twitter page: @FaizaYousuf, where she will update you in the coming year!...

Giving Thanks for Diversity in Tech: Maria Lamardo cover image

Giving Thanks for Diversity in Tech: Maria Lamardo

Maria Lamardo is a Front End Engineer at Pendo, who works with Vue.js and has a particular passion for web accessibility. She is a very active community organizer in the RTP area of North Carolina and beyond, serving as the founder of Devs@RTP, the NC Chapter leader for Vue Vixens, and the Co-Founder of A11y Devs. Maria has had an amazing year on the conference circuit, having spoken at VueConf US, DevFest, Vue London, All Things Open, and Vue Toronto about various topics on Vue as well as Web Accessibility. When asked about Diversity and Inclusion, Maria shared that, “Inclusion means that everyone is treated fairly and with respect; everyone should feel welcome and have their ideas heard”, adding that she feels that having more diverse hiring panels is a great first step to creating more inclusive workspaces. Maria is able to do her part to contribute to tech diversification with her work in Vue Vixens, which runs free workshops for women in tech. “ It is very important for us to be the change we want to see in the world and putting myself out there is it for me,” says, Lamardo, “I love my community and helping people grow and succeed.” She is also very excited to be launching, “Devs@RTP Teens” an offshoot of the original organization built specifically for young people. If you would like to see Maria speak, you can catch her in 2020 at Vue Amsterdam, Vue Vixens Day, as well as VueConf US! And if you are in the RTP area, she invites you to attend a Vue Vixens workshop, the A11y Devs Meetup, an event hosted by Devs@RTP! Want to keep up with everything Maria is doing in this next year? You can follow her at @MariaLamardo!...

Nuxt DevTools v1.0: Redefining the Developer Experience Beyond Conventional Tools cover image

Nuxt DevTools v1.0: Redefining the Developer Experience Beyond Conventional Tools

In the ever-evolving world of web development, Nuxt.js has taken a monumental leap with the launch of Nuxt DevTools v1.0. More than just a set of tools, it's a game-changer—a faithful companion for developers. This groundbreaking release, available for all Nuxt projects and being defaulted from Nuxt v3.8 onwards, marks the beginning of a new era in developer tools. It's designed to simplify our development journey, offering unparalleled transparency, performance, and ease of use. Join me as we explore how Nuxt DevTools v1.0 is set to revolutionize our workflow, making development faster and more efficient than ever. What makes Nuxt DevTools so unique? Alright, let's start delving into the features that make this tool so amazing and unique. There are a lot, so buckle up! In-App DevTools The first thing that caught my attention is that breaking away from traditional browser extensions, Nuxt DevTools v1.0 is seamlessly integrated within your Nuxt app. This ensures universal compatibility across browsers and devices, offering a more stable and consistent development experience. This setup also means the tools are readily available in the app, making your work more efficient. It's a smart move from the usual browser extensions, making it a notable highlight. To use it you just need to press Shift + Option + D` (macOS) or `Shift + Alt + D` (Windows): With simple keystrokes, the Nuxt DevTools v1.0 springs to life directly within your app, ready for action. This integration eliminates the need to toggle between windows or panels, keeping your workflow streamlined and focused. The tools are not only easily accessible but also intelligently designed to enhance your productivity. Pages, Components, and Componsables View The Pages, Components, and Composables View in Nuxt DevTools v1.0 are a clear roadmap for your app. They help you understand how your app is built by simply showing its structure. It's like having a map that makes sense of your app's layout, making the complex parts of your code easier to understand. This is really helpful for new developers learning about the app and experienced developers working on big projects. Pages View lists all your app's pages, making it easier to move around and see how your site is structured. What's impressive is the live update capability. As you explore the DevTools, you can see the changes happening in real-time, giving you instant feedback on your app's behavior. Components View is like a detailed map of all the parts (components) your app uses, showing you how they connect and depend on each other. This helps you keep everything organized, especially in big projects. You can inspect components, change layouts, see their references, and filter them. By showcasing all the auto-imported composables, Nuxt DevTools provides a clear overview of the composables in use, including their source files. This feature brings much-needed clarity to managing composables within large projects. You can also see short descriptions and documentation links in some of them. Together, these features give you a clear picture of your app's layout and workings, simplifying navigation and management. Modules and Static Assets Management This aspect of the DevTools revolutionizes module management. It displays all registered modules, documentation, and repository links, making it easy to discover and install new modules from the community! This makes managing and expanding your app's capabilities more straightforward than ever. On the other hand, handling static assets like images and videos becomes a breeze. The tool allows you to preview and integrate these assets effortlessly within the DevTools environment. These features significantly enhance the ease and efficiency of managing your app's dynamic and static elements. The Runtime Config and Payload Editor The Runtime Config and Payload Editor in Nuxt DevTools make working with your app's settings and data straightforward. The Runtime Config lets you play with different configuration settings in real time, like adjusting settings on the fly and seeing the effects immediately. This is great for fine-tuning your app without guesswork. The Payload Editor is all about managing the data your app handles, especially data passed from server to client. It's like having a direct view and control over the data your app uses and displays. This tool is handy for seeing how changes in data impact your app, making it easier to understand and debug data-related issues. Open Graph Preview The Open Graph Preview in Nuxt DevTools is a feature I find incredibly handy and a real time-saver. It lets you see how your app will appear when shared on social media platforms. This tool is crucial for SEO and social media presence, as it previews the Open Graph tags (like images and descriptions) used when your app is shared. No more deploying first to check if everything looks right – you can now tweak and get instant feedback within the DevTools. This feature not only streamlines the process of optimizing for social media but also ensures your app makes the best possible first impression online. Timeline The Timeline feature in Nuxt DevTools is another standout tool. It lets you track when and how each part of your app (like composables) is called. This is different from typical performance tools because it focuses on the high-level aspects of your app, like navigation events and composable calls, giving you a more practical view of your app's operation. It's particularly useful for understanding the sequence and impact of events and actions in your app, making it easier to spot issues and optimize performance. This timeline view brings a new level of clarity to monitoring your app's behavior in real-time. Production Build Analyzer The Production Build Analyzer feature in Nuxt DevTools v1.0 is like a health check for your app. It looks at your app's final build and shows you how to make it better and faster. Think of it as a doctor for your app, pointing out areas that need improvement and helping you optimize performance. API Playground The API Playground in Nuxt DevTools v1.0 is like a sandbox where you can play and experiment with your app's APIs. It's a space where you can easily test and try out different things without affecting your main app. This makes it a great tool for trying out new ideas or checking how changes might work. Some other cool features Another amazing aspect of Nuxt DevTools is the embedded full-featured VS Code. It's like having your favorite code editor inside the DevTools, with all its powerful features and extensions. It's incredibly convenient for making quick edits or tweaks to your code. Then there's the Component Inspector. Think of it as your code's detective tool. It lets you easily pinpoint and understand which parts of your code are behind specific elements on your page. This makes identifying and editing components a breeze. And remember customization! Nuxt DevTools lets you tweak its UI to suit your style. This means you can set up the tools just how you like them, making your development environment more comfortable and tailored to your preferences. Conclusion In summary, Nuxt DevTools v1.0 marks a revolutionary step in web development, offering a comprehensive suite of features that elevate the entire development process. Features like live updates, easy navigation, and a user-friendly interface enrich the development experience. Each tool within Nuxt DevTools v1.0 is thoughtfully designed to simplify and enhance how developers build and manage their applications. In essence, Nuxt DevTools v1.0 is more than just a toolkit; it's a transformative companion for developers seeking to build high-quality web applications more efficiently and effectively. It represents the future of web development tools, setting new standards in developer experience and productivity....