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Ethical Design for AI with Dr. Christine Dee at IBM

Dr. Christine Dee is a technologist and research psychologist for IBM, focusing on AI ethics. She reflects on her decade-long experience with AI and the evolving landscape of AI technologies. She highlights the challenges of AI and the increasing focus on open AI, emphasizing the need for more structured conversations around trust, ethics, and responsibility in AI.

There is a widespread adoption of AI across various industries and the growing interest in AI, particularly generative AI like ChatGPT. Christine emphasizes the importance of companies needing to understand the specific technologies, different layers of AI, and the associated risks and safeguards.

The two discuss the challenges leaders face in navigating AI conversations within their teams and organizations. Dr. Christine shares insights into design thinking, and the principles as well as systematic approaches to designing AI solutions that align with organizational values and how to do so.

Host Rob Ocel brings up the broader context of trust in society, beyond AI, referencing the challenges in trusting information sources, especially in an era of polarization.

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