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Double Click: The Storyblok V2 Release!

Welcome to the Double Click! This is the weekly blog series that shines a spotlight on emerging technologies, technological concepts, and community projects that enrich the JavaScript Ecosystem!

This week, I am congratulating Storyblok on their V2 release!

Storyblok is a Headless Content Management System offering a visual editor and built in components. In fact, it is the first component-based headless CMS, offering developers the ability to limitlessly nest components, fill them with content, and then adjust them to fit the requirements of their own website.

Using a headless CMS system offers a ton of advantages to developers and teams. Content can be published and adjusted within the platform without needing the direct supervision of a developer. This is not to say that content management systems replace the need for developers- far from it!

Instead, they abstract a ton of complexities normally associated with managing site content, allowing developers to focus on other areas of functionality, or building new tools, while only having to step in periodically to assist with major changes, address bugs, or rewire the system to your site.

Developers who are already familiar with Storyblok enjoy several upgrades with the V2 release, including breadcrumbs navigation, and expanded functionality as it relates to “blocks” or structures that nest components.

If you’re interested in learning more about Storyblok’s V2 release, including how to install it, you can find the official changelog here!

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