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Double Click: Discover or Be Discovered with Coding Exercises from CodeSignal

Welcome to the Double Click! This is the weekly blog series that shines a spotlight on emerging technologies, technological concepts, and community projects that enrich the JavaScript Ecosystem!

This week, I wanted to feature a fun web platform that I have just become aware of that offers coding skills tests and assessments, and also allows developers to make their results available to potential employers: CodeSignal.

Of course, the latter feature is optional, so developers don’t need to worry about endless recruiting e-mails just because they want to test out their skills.

But I think this offers a unique opportunity for junior developers to experience what a code exercise can feel like- and perhaps what questions they might expect to see on a future skills assessment.

While poking through the site, I also learned that the platform offers several unique features for partnered companies aside from connecting with qualified candidates. The platform can also facilitate live, remote skills interviews with questions, features a plagiarism checker, and registers keystrokes to understand the extent to which a developer individually coded their solutions.

For companies with a large hiring program, this can be a fantastic way not only to identify potential candidates, but to increase visibility for their brand among developers working to improve their skills, and manage expectations for candidates across different teams within the same company.

Developers interested in improving their chops, or getting discovered by their next employer should sign up for a free interview practice account, and dev team leaders interested in using Codesignal as part of their hiring program can request a demo here.

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