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What's the Latest in RxJS News? RxJS 7.5 Release Updates

Are you ready? The latest updates to RxJS 7.5 boast some exciting new features.

Major highlights include changes to the the RxJS roadmap.

Now RxJS will be broken down to smaller packages #6786 in order to give the team the ability to publish smaller independent RxJS packages. Through this change, for example, developers will import libraries like observables as @rxjs/observables instead of rxjs/observables.

This will give library authors and developers the opportunity to only import the package required for their projects. It will encourage more community contributions to separate packages, and also reduce the build size for RxJS.

Other updates for RxJS 7.5

Patch Release

RxJS 7.5 is the latest release, which added a number of new features that have also improved performance metrics.

New features in RxJS 7.5

retry and repeat APIs allow developers to add a delay configuration to these operators (#6640 and #6421), which simplify similar operators retryWhen and repeatWhen. With these improvements, retryWhen and repeatWhen will be deprecated and removed in coming major versions #6859.

The share operator was extended to allow developers to pass an observable factory to control the reset behavior, and enable reset delays, #6169.

Documentation improvements

RxJS 8 has now seen an alpha release, which you can check out by reviewing the official roadmap.

RxJS is moving to use NX monorepo for the doc site, and RxJS main builds #6786. Other proposals include Standalone packages like the Observables package.

The Standalone Observable package will unify observables usage with the existing patterns in other libraries. This will promote adoption for the proposed native observable with TC39, for which the RxJS team has been advocating.

Chrome Dev Tools

The Chrome Dev Tools team is discussing whether to add debugging tooling that can help developers debug features in RxJS.

Curious about more updates to RxJS? Make sure to check out the Github repo and follow the changelog for more information.