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State of Vue Wrap-up

State of Vue recently wrapped up. Our Vue contributors and library authors gave us insights into some pretty large changes coming to Vue. There's a new state management player where Pinia will be taking over instead of VueX, a new way of writings scripts which seems to be picking up steam, and other changes we think are interesting.

In this wrap-up, I'll summarize our State of Vue event with key takeaways and things to look forward to in the future.

If you'd like to see the event in full, check it out on Youtube.

Pinia replacing VueX 4

Pinia is VueX 4 successor. There won't be a VueX 5 because that's what Pinia is. It has a slightly different API, and works very well with Typescript.

There are some arguments around whether useing VueX would be better for larger, complex projects, but Pinia is definitely becoming very popular in its own right. The main point for using Pinia over VueX 4 relates to Typescript users. VueX 4 does not work well with Typescript; Pinia aims to fix that.

Keep an eye out for Pinia. There will also be documentation changes in VueX 4 to inform developers of this namechange, and that Pinia will be a VueX 4 upgrade.


Volar is being sponsored by Evan You for full-time work. Some of this works includes refactoring the internals of the language service. This refactor will help open the door for contributions in the near future.

If you'd like to follow Johnson on Twitter as he works on Volar, you can follow him at @johnsoncodehk.

Script Setup vs Composition API

Script setup was hoping to became the “new way” of writing, and the community seems to be working in that direction. The State of Vue panelists agree that using script setup is more exciting to write with, and offers greater flexibility.

Reactivity transform

  • Allows props to be destructured (with default values too) while still being reactive
  • Type-safe
  • Assignment based reactivity
  • Docs
  • Discussions

Other interesting points