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Introducing the release of Vue 3

Introducing the release of Vue 3

Back in October 2018, Evan You announced plans to start building the third version of VueJS. Featuring 30+ RFCs, over 2,600 commits, 628 pull request from 99 contributors, Vue 3's release reflects tireless ingenuity, passion, and hard work. Its release, no doubt, is a cause for celebration for all of the Vue community members who have been eagerly awaiting it.

I, for one, am thrilled to share some resources that I believe will help developers migrate to Vue 3:

Here at This Dot, we have tracked Vue 3's development from the onset. We have written blog posts, published a book, hosted Vue Meetups, debuted JavaScript Marathon, shared Modern Web Podcasts, and more!

Today, we’ll take a guided tour through all the material we have shared on Vue 2 and Vue 3.

Blog Posts

Here are our latest blog posts on Vue 3:

You may access the remaining blog posts at This Dot Labs Blog.

A Complete Guide to VueJS

In April 2020, This Dot released A Complete Guide to VueJS by Bilal Haidar. This book is a precise, and detailed resource for learning VueJS, and highlights some top courses for Vue and JavaScript. Most importantly, it gives a brief introduction to almost all the new features in Vue 3.

Grab your own copy for free!

Vue Meetups

We have hosted more than 10+ Vue Meetups in the past year with dozens of speakers, including Evan You, other Vue Core team members, and Vue developers interested in the future of the framework.

To watch past meetup recordings, follow this link to get access to all the meetups on one page.

JavaScript Marathon

This Dot's team delivered six free live Vue JS tutorials during the JavaScript Marathon.

Here’s a list of all the VueJS live sessions recordings:

Modern Web Podcasts

This Dot's team delivered more than 40+ podcasts in the last two years.

Here’s a link to the Vue JS Podcasts:

The Future of Vue

The team at This Dot is hardly finished tracking Vue's progress, as well as the progress of many other web based technologies. To join us on our technical exploration journey, be sure to follow This Dot Media on Twitter!

If you have specific questions about how to begin your Vue 3 migration, or have general questions about Vue 3, don't hesitate to reach out to us at