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Announcing Free Trainings - Progressive Web Apps and Using NgUpgrade for your Angular Migration

Less than two weeks after wrapping up our inaugural JavaScript Marathon, we are thrilled to share two brand new free trainings from the team at This Dot Labs - available for you to watch anytime.

In Introduction to PWAs and Service Workers, Software Engineer Pato Vargas will walk you through creating your first PWA, implementing push notifications, testing your features, and using Firebase.

"I really enjoyed working on this training," says Vargas, "learning service workers is important for any JavaScript developer, so this training appeals to anyone writing JavaScript!"

Software Engineer, Frederick Prijk, is also excited to present his new training series, Upgrading AngularJS to Angular Using NgUpgrade, which walks you through a simple AngularJS to Angular migration in just over an hour!

You can find these trainings, and all other past trainings, including those presented in the JavaScript Marathon series, by visiting our free resources page!

Introducing a new technology to your enterprise development team, or having trouble with an existing technology? Learn more about how This Dot Labs can tailor a training program to your team by chatting with us, or by reviewing the trainings we already offer!

This Dot Labs is a modern web consultancy focused on helping companies realize their digital transformation efforts. For expert architectural guidance, training, or consulting in React, Angular, Vue, Web Components, GraphQL, Node, Bazel, or Polymer, visit

This Dot Media is focused on creating an inclusive and educational web for all. We keep you up to date with advancements in the modern web through events, podcasts, and free content. To learn, visit

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