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5 Angular Component Libraries to Use Today

As a Google Developer Expert in Angular, I’ve enjoyed an amazing relationship with the Angular Core Team over the years, and have appreciated the chances I’ve had to collaborate with the team on some amazing events, including semi-annual State of Angular events and so many more.

2022 is gearing up to be a fantastic year for the Angular team, including plans to integrate Strictly Typed Reactive Forms and Standalone Components. Beyond this, in a recent conversation that Core Team Member Mark Thompson had with the Modern Web Podcast, he expressed the team’s unequivocal support for third-party and community tools for supercharging the Angular framework to best serve developers. What will you build to help this reality in 2022??

One of the best supported and most popular classes of third party tools include Component Libraries, which are UI and UX design elements which can be used to simplify both the individual and collaborative developer experience.

But with all of the available products, it’s hard to know what Component Libraries are the best in which to invest your time in the coming year.

Below, I’ve compiled five well-supported Angular tools that developers can integrate into their builds today!


NGXS is a state management library released in 2018 that is optimal for applications that rely on complex data structures by creating a predictable flow of data rooted in a global data store.

Because it is built using TypeScript features, it takes advantage of features including classes and decorators and reduces the need for boilerplates common within state management solutions, allowing developers to use components to interact directly with the store using Actions.

NGX- Bootstrap

NGX-Bootstrap is an open source library brought to the community by the team at Valor Software, and allows developers to quickly integrate all of the v3 through v5 Bootstrap components under Angular into their application. These components include accordions, pagination, tabs, timepickers, and much more.

The benefit of using this exciting component library is that it was built to be flexible, extensible, and optimized for modular systems, with the team also assuring users that they can expect the same degree of performance using these components across both web and mobile applications.

Ignite UI

Ignite UI is a framework agnostic JavaScript/JQuery component library, created by Infragistics, that offers components that can help developers build engaging, high performing applications in many frameworks, including Angular.

Specifically, the tool provides more than 60 components that work within the Angular framework, using Angular Material based native components, and are optimized for use in enterprise applications.

Kendo UI for Angular

Kendo UI for Angular by Telerik seeks to be the only component library a developer would ever need to build high performing web and applications, providing over 100 native Angular components, and built to promote ease of development, speed, and scalability.

If you want to learn more, I highly recommend this tutorial series by my friend Alyssa Nicoll!


NG-Zorro is an open source UI component library containing over 60 Angular Components built using TypeScript to support ease of use in enterprise Angular applications.

Some of its notable features include its support of OnPush mode, and its seamless internationalization, supporting the use of dozens of written languages, allowing developers to set the language as they create their applications.

This is not an exhaustive list, and there are so many amazing tools and libraries being built every day. Do you have any other recommendations? I’d love to hear from you!

And if you’re interested in learning more about Angular every month, check out for ongoing events and updates!