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Lifestyle Brand

Scalable Cross Platform Mobile & Web Applications for Expanding Lifestyle Brand

The Challenge

Develop media delivery applications for iOS, Android, and the Web, for high scale use in North America, Europe, and South America.

Services Provided

This Dot Labs provided all the necessary services to ship the end product. This included design, software engineering, and infrastructure deployment of all applications for frontend, backend, and processing queues.

Specific Performance

This Dot Labs started by building the backend delivery mechanism for global use, allowing low latency delivery of music, videos, and photographs. This included a management backend, allowing triaging of rights from the copyright holders in compliance with the Recording Industry of America’s data requirements, and an analytics backend, to verify conversion, and consumer characteristics.

The iOS and Android mobile applications were built on a custom Chromium base using the latest in web technologies to allow cross code use with the mobile web frontend. This Dot further extended its mobile integrations with its custom extensions, written in ObjectiveC and Java, to allow This Dot more control of the rights delivery, and user experience.

This included significant integration with the in-app purchase APIs for each platform, which resulted in both contributions to the open source community and bug fixes with both Apple and Google.

The application currently serves 4.5 million subscribers covering North America, South America, and Northern Europe.

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