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JS Marathon

Qwik: A no-hydration instant-on personalized web applications

Live on July 20, 2022 @ 1pm ET. Qwik is a new breed of frameworks with a goal of instant-on interactivity for your site even on low-power slow-network devices. Qwik is a resumable framework that starts its execution on the server and seamlessly transitions to executing on the client in a very lazy and incremental way. The seamless transition from server to the client provides an instant on-user experience which leads to lower bounce rates, more conversions, and higher sales. With Partytown for third-party scripts, and Qwik for your first-party applications, your browser main thread has never been so bored. Qwik and Partytown are designed with startup performance as a main objective, and all other design decisions follow from that goal. When Qwik and Partytown are combined with an edge-delivery network it is possible to get your application fully interactive into users' hands in as little as 50 minutes, setting a new standard of startup performance.