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State of Angular | October 2021

This event was co-hosted by Tracy Lee, CEO of This Dot Labs, and Minko Gechev, Software engineer at Google, Angular Core team.

What's new in the ecosystem? What will be included in the upcoming releases? What should we expect in Angular's future? These topics were discused along with a featured panel:

  • Igor Minar, Software Engineer at Google
  • Jessica Janiuk, Senior Software Engineer at Google
  • Mark Thompson, Developer Advocate at Google
  • Emma Twersky, Developer Relations Engineer at Google
  • Zach Arend, Software Engineer at Google
  • Alex Rickabaugh, Software Engineer at Google

Here are some of the key takeaways:

🔗What is Angular?

At the start, Minko Gechev quickly introduced us to Angular and how he define the State of Angular today.



In Angular v9 back in early 2020, the Core Team introduced Ivy as their default compiler and runtime. The benefits of using Ivy include reduced compile times and smaller application bundle sizes.

🔗Improved Angular Debuggability and Profiling

The latest Angular DevTools release allows users to have more insight to their application's performance. You can now see the runtime behavior, explore how often the change station becomes involved, and identify several other performance bottlenecks.

🔗Angular v13 (Coming in Nov '21)

What should we expect on the upcoming Angular release?

Minko introduces us to a couple of new features, which include:

  • Removal of IE11 support: Using this, we can take advantage of the CSS Variables, Intersection Observers, CSS Grid, and many other features which aren't allowed in IE11.

  • Modern Angular package format: This will translate in partially compiled Angular, removed UMD bundles, and ES2020 by default (Async/await via transform).

Also, we will enjoy some ng build optimization, which promotes 10% faster builds, and 20-25% faster builds for production builds!

  • Additional v13 features,
    • Adobe font inlining
    • Webpack 5 cache
    • Dynamic validator control
    • Better tools for promoting

Upcoming improvements, according to Minko, includes:

  • Extended Analysis,
  • Simplified Factory API
  • Advanced Guides
  • MDC Web

🔗Standalone Components

One of the most interesting features in v13 will be Standalone Components, which will help to reduce the cognitive overheads that ngModules provide in certain scenarios.



Angular v13 introduces us to a new easy way to create components, which allow us to avoid ngModules unnecesarialy.

Also, with the removal of IE11 support, we can take full advantage of some features which aren't allowed on that browser, and avoid some polyfill files.

Congratulations, Angular team!

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We help implement and teach modern web best practices with technologies such as React, Angular, Vue, Web Components, GraphQL, Node, and more.

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