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Giving Thanks for Diversity in Tech: Amy Kapernick

Giving Thanks for Diversity in Tech - 15 Part Series

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Amy Kapernick is a Front End Developer and Developer Evangelist based out of Perth, Western Australia. She is both a Microsoft MVP, and a Twilio Champion, who shares her knowledge and passion for front end development at conferences all over the world.

Some of Amy’s most recent speaking credits include talks at DDD Brisbane, DDD Adelaide, NDC Olso, NDC London, and Bodies of Information Conference in Perth. Not only an accomplished presenter, however, Amy is also a Co-organiser of Fenders Perth, serves on the Diversity and Inclusion sub-committee for Australian Computer Society WA, and is a committee member for DDD Perth.

Amy’s involvement in inspiring others to learn and achieve within tech is not limited to her work with major conferences and meetups, as she regularly volunteers to give talks at high schools in Australia, where she talks with young girls about what a career in tech can look like, and the different pathways they can take to get there.

When asked about the best advice she could give to women and girls who want to start their careers in tech, Amy said she encourages them to, “find something that they’re passionate about,” adding that, “When they enjoy what they're creating it makes a world of difference.”

If you would like to see Amy speak in the upcoming year, you can catch her at NDC London on January 30th, giving a talk on front-end testing! But if you can’t make it out, you might find Amy out rock climbing, or spending time outdoors with her border collie!

To keep up with what Amy is up to in 2020, you can follow her on Twitter, @Amys_Kapers.

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