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New technologies combined with constantly evolving computing tools makes continuous learning a no-brainer for IT professionals. Training from ThisDot ensures that you and your company stay on the leading edge.

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Vue 301

Master your knowledge of Vue to deliver High performant and scalable application

Vue 101

Start learning VueJS now.

Bazel 101

Learn the fundamentals of Bazel.

Testing in Vue

Learn Vue testing fundamentals from the ground up.

React Testing

Learn about different testing methods in React.

Testing in Angular

Learn to test different aspects of your Angular application.

Advanced React Architecture and Patterns

Improve the performance of your site and speed up development.

React Hooks: Migration Strategies

Walk through the new hooks API.

Vue 201

Expand your fundamental knowledge of Vue.

Web Components 101

Start using web components effectively.

Web Performance 101

Establish a groundwork for performance best practices.

Advanced Angular Architecture and Patterns

Explore advanced concepts that can improve performance.

NgRx 201

Explore advanced concepts in NgRx

NgRx 101

Introduce your team to NgRx.

Accessibility 101

Learn to make any app more accessible!

Angular Accessibility 201

Make your most complex Angular apps accessible!

Angular Accessibility 101

Make your apps accessible!

GraphQL 301

Master the Query Language.

GraphQL 201

Build a GraphQL Client.

GraphQL 101

Introduce your team to GraphQL!

RxJS 101

Integrate RxJS into your stack.

ReactJS 101

Start learning this leading web development framework today.

Angular 101

The best way to start learning Angular!

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