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Ensuring Stability and Long Term Success of React Adoption

Stay up to date on performance metrics, React updates, and migration best practices.

At This Dot Labs, we provide best in class development resources to our clients.

We help teams develop internal best practices to increase the scalability of React across teams.

How does your codebase compare to industry standards? This Dot Labs provides 60 minute code audits for select companies.

Schedule your complimentary code audit today

Our available services include:

  • Consulting
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Training
  • Pairing as a Service
  • Mentoring
  • Open Source Support Contracts

We also do


Create custom solutions for your technical stack.


Increase developer engagement, happiness and productivity.


Foster excitement about new projects and technologies.

Pairing as a Service

Offer team members practical, weekly guidance, through code reviews.

Open Source Contracts

Upskill employees while contributing to leading web development technologies.

Staff Augmentation

An extra set of experienced hands for when you need them most.


Get paid to learn as you work on projects for our clients.