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Strengthening the web platform through events and education.

This Dot Publication

Thought-provoking writing from the makers of the web platform. Participate in the evolution by following our publication.

This Dot Youtube Channel

Videos about the cutting edge developments in the web platform. See the latest videos and presentations from our events.

This Dot Javascript

Reporting on the latest improvements in the web platform. Connect with the makers of the frameworks, browsers & tools you love.

Rx Wokrshop

In person and remote hands-on workshops from makers of RxJS. Learn reactive programming in Node and JavaScript.

Contributor Days

Day long events to foster and grow open source communities. Learn how you can contribute to your favorite framework.

Ng Cruise

Serving Angular and the Caribbean on a cruise to Bahamas. Learn about Angular and enjoy the ☀️ with us.

Modern Dot Web

Events in Raleigh and the Bay Area about the web platform. Learn from others building modern web applications.