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Archived Event

December 2020

JavaScript Marathon is a full week of free, online courses on React, TypeScript, GraphQL, and more. Come learn about some of the leading web development technologies and concepts!

Figma Fundamentals for Developers

featuring Hunter Miller

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Figma is a design tool used by web designers everywhere for creating web and native user interfaces. As developers, we often need to sketch an idea or pull values out of a design to build a UI. In this talk, we’ll build a simple form UI, which will teach you the 20% of Figma that holds 80% of the power.

iOS, Android and Web in One

featuring Joe Reckley

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During this session we’ll build a React Native app that runs on iOS, Android and the web. We’ll discuss when you might want to do this, which directions you could take and some of the complexities you might encounter.

Integrating Live Data into your Static Site w/ Eleventy

featuring Kyle Mitofsky

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In part two, we'll take the Eleventy site we scaffolded out in JS Marathon last week and expand it with live APIs to enrich our site with useful content, all while maintaining the runtime performance of Static Site Generation. We'll add a build trigger so our site is consistently refreshed, and also cover some more advanced Eleventy topics as we continue to add polish to our sample site.

Vue 3 Migration in Practice

featuring Simone Cuomo

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Join this live session in which Simone Cuomo will migrate a real life application from Vue 2 to Vue 3. This session will cover the breaking changes and update that have been implemented within the main library framework, as well as, go over the main ecosystem (vuex/vue-router) to really help you master your migration project!

NestJS for ASP.NET developers

featuring Kyle Mitofsky

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Nest and aspnet both offer production-ready web servers. In this talk, we'll review the structure and syntax of both frameworks, and compare and contrast what it takes to build out and deploy a small server side backend and what to consider when moving to production. If you're a dotnet developer joining a javascript-based team - or if you just want to stand up a backend for your application - this talks for you.


If you would like to learn more about how you can leverage This Dot’s expertise to upskill your team, and reinvigorate your developers with new knowledge about the web’s leading development technologies, visit the trainings page.