In the internet era, the key to a successful business is understanding
the customers’ expectations — and half the customers are women

Jean Liu - President of Didi Chuxing

Hiring women is the right
thing to do

A 2018 study by McKinsey and Company, showed that having women on your team isn’t just a solid ethical choice.
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It’s also a good business decision.

In fact, having women on your team makes your company:

More creative in solving problems

More productive and efficient

More profitable overall

Do these problems sound familiar?

We often hear, “Many women coming into tech are junior developers.
We can’t justify hiring them.”

We don’t have the staffing to mentor now.

How will a junior developer be able to comprehend and solve these complex technical issues?

A junior developer doesn’t have the skills to dive into our code. How can they be helpful?

A junior developer will only slow down the team. We can’t risk that.

These are valid concerns, and we have a solution

We employ women to work on your projects, paired with one of our senior developers. Using our method:

Your team can focus on business objectives, not mentoring

Senior This Dot developers work alongside apprentices to architect solutions

Apprentices are trained on the job, on your tech stack, under the guidance of This Dot architects

With the help of our mentors, apprentices will actually speed up your team

Mentors help apprentices optimize productivity and problem-solving

Companies Who Already Think Reactive

Our program addresses all your questions about hiring a new graduate of a coding bootcamp. How?

I loved mentoring for This Dot. It was an amazing experience for a new developer to work on real freelance projects and be able to mentor them along as we went through real-life problems and being able to see a project through until the end. You'll be able to tackle problems that only come from real-life scenarios.

Brian Holt - Senior Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft

We provide a built-in mentorship program for each junior developer

Mentorship is baked into our apprentice program, so your team can focus on what matters most: your business

Each of our junior developers will be paired with a senior developer

The role of a senior developer is to mentor an apprentice, easing their transition...and yours.  easing their travel

When you hire developers from our program, you’ll be reaping the benefits of 40 hours/week from a junior developer and 20 hours/week of a senior developer’s time and honed expertise

Then, you can hire a full-time developer that is already up to speed in your stack

We’ll do the heavy lifting, while you end up with fresh energy and a more diverse team

Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it?
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your program work?

We interview and hire junior developers and pair each one with a senior developer mentor. The junior developer comes to work at your company for 40 hours a week, while you get the added bonus of a mentor’s expertise

What is the role of a senior developer?

The senior developer will check their apprentice’s work, ease their transition into programming, and help them with troubleshooting for 20 hours a week.

What does your application process look like?

We will find and interview qualified candidates. Then we will work with you to identify a junior/senior developer team that best suits your needs.

What is the time frame for the program?

Our suggestion is one year.

Why should my company should do this?

Think of our program as a junior developer’s extended interview for you and your company. This way, you can see the quality of the junior developer’s work firsthand and ensure that they are a good fit for your team.

Why is a diverse team important?

Research suggests that diversity benefits everyone...including your company’s innovation, reputation, and even your bottom line. See for yourself!

My company wants to get involved. What are my first steps?

Awesome! Fill out the form above so we can chat with you about your company’s particular needs and how to best fill them.

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