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Google AMP

Creating Accessible Documentation

The Challenge

AMP is a web development framework and methodology that a team of over 800 unique contributors has created. Its mission aligns with our own mission of opening up web development, and web experiences to an ever more inclusive group of users. This includes developers without formal computer science backgrounds, and users with low-end devices that are often left behind in today's web culture that always pushes for more.

AMP approached This Dot to create documentation that was not just for advanced developers, but that was accessible even to developers working on their first ever web pages.

Services Provided

Despite wanting to create accessible material, we also wanted to emphasize the power and expressiveness of AMP. We wanted to show advanced developers who were used to using other frameworks that they could build many of the same experiences with AMP.

In other words, we wanted to break down the stereotypes and stigmas.

Specific Performance

In striving for a solution to this demand, This Dot developed 100 pages of in-depth training materials. This material spanned topics from how to write your first AMP page to the methods of recreating complex modern web experiences.

Some notable examples of the material we created include:

  • 8 distinct code-exercise projects. These exercises, some of which spanned multiple steps and trainings, allow students to practice with Glitch.
  • Over 300 slides that can be used by teachers in workshops to deliver this training in-person.
  • Over 2 hours of video content, covering the course materials.

We are proud to highlight that the materials we have created have been accessed, viewed, and shared by thousands of unique users.

In addition to creating a tangible product, we also organized many educational outreach events, including outreach to over 100 schools and bootcamps around the world to pitch the use of AMP instructional materials, and solicit actionable feedback about how to adapt materials for future use. One of the most notable of these events was the AMP Roadshow in Atlanta during the REFACTR.TECH conference. This mini-event featured six speakers, who presented to over 200 attendees, and covered the basics of AMP as well as its future.

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