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Develop a Global Customer Relations Software

Leader in A/B testing and customer usage analytics. Their products include a headless CMS, Javascript libraries, a fully hosted Application delivery network, and a set of analytics tools.

Tech Stack

  • JavaScript


  • Testing

The Challenge

DigitalOpt Group, a leader in A/B testing and customer usage analytics, reached out to ThisDot Labs a month before their Beta release, seeking extensive documentation for the four major products in their testing suite. his project required extensive documentation to aid in its completion.

Services Provided

Successful and timely delivery of the documentation relied on This Dot’s strategy. The project was divided in two main phases: Audit, and Delivery.

Specific Performance

Before starting any documentation product, it is crucial to extensively audit and review the available tools and code. After diligently poring over the tools DigitalOpt Groups presented to our team, This Dot offered insightful suggestions to help future end users ( UX/UI ), and drive changes to the product API / Workflow that would reflect industry standards.

By the end of this phase, This Dot gathered enough information to deliver excellent product documentation, setting DigitalOpt Group up with the ability to further define their product in the future.

The second task involved writing documentation for the four products that make up DigitalOpt Group’s A/B testing suite. The amount of documentation required, and the timeframe available, would have made this task complex to manage were it not for This Dot’s careful planning and agile approach.

The documentation was written using all DigitalOpt Group tools (CMS, ReactSdk, CLI), and fully edited by an internal content team.

The project was completed, to the client’s delight, within the contracted time allowance, and was delivered by the deadline.

This Dot prioritizes client satisfaction by being flexible and adapting within a project to support its success.

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