Connecting in the Field: Expanding Operations, Customer Relationship Management, and Sales Platform Development

The Challenge

Develop a global customer relations software in conjunction with web and mobile team deployments, to support an existing television property brand through further touring operation expansion.

Services Provided

This Dot Labs provided all necessary services to ship the end product. This included design, software engineering, and infrastructure deployment of all applications for frontend, backend, and processing queues.

Specific Performance

This Dot Lans maintained and added new features into a global customer relations software system that supports 10,000 personnel, and 500,000 customers, primarily stationed in Europe and South America.

We also overhauled the purchase process through the web frontend, complete with verification services (orders started at $5,000 per ticket and required a number of verification steps), and conversion tracking.

Then, we re-built the customer experience from start to finish, including follow-up, service addition, and concierge, increasing conversion, and retention, by 22%, and overall satisfaction by 34%.

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