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Giving Thanks for Diversity in Tech: Tae’lur Alexis

Giving Thanks for Diversity in Tech - 15 Part Series

20190425 185724

Tae’lur Alexis is an independent U/I engineer, focused on building progressive web apps and accessible user interfaces with React. But not only a strong developer, she is also a content creator, who loves to share her passion for learning with the developer community!

Tae’lur has a ton to celebrate this year. In August, she delivered her first keynote at Write Speak Code 2019 in San Francisco, where she discussed her journey from learning how to code to founding her own startup,

According to its website, Code Everyday “is an online platform with a purpose to provide developers with access to learning resources, mentorship opportunities and job opportunities.” Having come from a non-traditional tech background, Tae'lur created the app, in part, to make the tech space more inclusive, and dispel the myth that there is only one path into tech!

When asked about what inclusion means to her, Tae’lur shared that, “Inclusion means building products, creating spaces, and having discussions that have the feelings, perspectives, and well-being of marginalized folks as a priority, and not an afterthought.”

She encourages other women interested in pursuing tech to “not be afraid to take on opportunities and build your own path to success...Embrace learning- it's a long lasting commitment, and with it comes the realization that no one is ever truly an expert.”

In the coming year, you can expect to see more of Tae’lur on the conference circuit with at least one speaking engagement already booked with React Finland in May. She is also excited to be launching Code Everyday’s platform very soon, so be on the lookout!

To learn more about Code Everyday, you can visit its website, and to keep up with Tae’lur, you can follow her on Twitter at @TaelurAlexis.

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