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Giving Thanks for Diversity in Tech: Arely Miramontes Rodriguez

Giving Thanks for Diversity in Tech - 15 Part Series


Arely Miramontes Rodriguez is a New York City based Frontend Software Development Engineer at Amazon Web Services. A passionate Javascript developer, she primarily works with React, Redux, and TypeScript, but also has certifications in Python, C++, as well as Data Structures and Algorithms.

Arley prides herself in her regular work with New Mexico’s M.E.S.A. Club. This organization is home to a pre-college program that helps prepare middle and high school students for careers in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science. As a mentor and judge, she helps support M.E.S.A. sponsored statewide science fairs, empowering students to explore STEM disciplines through fun and friendly competition.

Arely is passionate about diversity, and supports inclusive initiatives such as the Latino Youth Summit, which provides an avenue for Latino students to explore a variety of collegiate disciplines, where she introduces participants to Computer Science. She is also very involved with Pixel Picnic, which is a local group based in Madison, Wisconsin that organizes meetings, socials, and video game jams for folks with a focus on diversity for all who are interested in the areas of Game Development.

In fact, Arley is not just interested in Game Development, but is also an avid player, saying, “When I'm gaming, I love connecting with my friends and being able to play with each other regardless of where we live. My favorite time of day is after dinner, logging on my Xbox, and joining my friends for a few games - laughing and talking about our days. It's such a beautiful thing that video games can bring us together.”

Arely hopes to begin speaking on the conference circuit in 2020, but already had a big 2019, having both taken home two Addy Awards, and moving to New York City!

If you would like to keep up with Arely in the coming year, you can follow her on Twitter, @ArelySkywalker.

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